next author talk

Kathy will be talking at this conference.

The Albury Library Museum on Wednesday August 12th at 11am.

Special guest renowned Border Mail photographer Matthew Smithwick will show some of his best images and talk about his approach to press photography.


“The Power of the Photograph

 Photographs speak to all ages.  Kathleen will share some of the most memorable, stunning, and powerful photography of The Age newspaper.

An insight into the importance of photography; socially, politically and historically and how it shapes and sometimes changes our culture and our ideas of ourselves.

The impact of the digital age on the media and professional photographers-a behind the scenes look into how press photographers work in 2015.

What makes a great image and why?”


 Are newspapers dead?

This second book on Photography of The Age by Kathleen Whelan looks at the impact of the digital age on professional photographers and again highlights the essential role they play in bringing to the people what is important; socially, politically and historically.

The Photography of The Age also provides historical context of some of the most famous images published, why they are chosen as well as technical information from the photographers themselves on how they produced such memorable images.