Photography of The Age book  

photo: Jason South
photo: Jason South

                                    A truly brilliant tribute to some great photographers.  Terry Lane

Well done Kath. The book deserves all the accolades it can get. It's a great and thoughtful production that you have brought together and way beyond anything that I may have initially expected. Congratulations.  Michael Rayner Photography

WA photographer Roger Garwood states,”

The book is superb. The repro quality is excellent and the overall presentation and design is up there with the best”.

“For aspiring media photographers ‘Photography of the Age’ is a must have”.

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Photography of The Age

Newspaper photography in Australia

from glass plate negatives to digital.  

By Kathleen Whelan 


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The Book Photography of The Age by Kathleen Whelan


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 Are newspapers dead?

This second book on Photography of The Age by Kathleen Whelan looks at the impact of the digital age on professional photographers and again highlights the essential role they play in bringing to the people what is important; socially, politically and historically.

The Photography of The Age also provides historical context of some of the most famous images published, why they are chosen as well as technical information from the photographers themselves on how they produced such memorable images.